New & Existing Venture Development

“ Helping businesses start, grow, and prosper”

nVentia Ventures is dedicated to developing and nurturing companies that are shaping the future. Our passion is creating and growing companies that deliver great products and superior services. We know how to help a business create positive cash flow with better-than-market return on investment. We offer unique expertise that blends successful entrepreneurial experience, academic research, legal insight, technological strategic analysis, and practical business know-how.

We provide our portfolio companies with centralized services, including assistance in the areas of strategy, planning, finance, legal, marketing, accounting, and human resources.

Business Plan Development:  Integral to both successful strategy implementation and obtaining outside funding is an individually tailored, polished business plan. We work closely with you to create this plan, specifically designed to meet your objectives. Core financial documents such as the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement are provided. These documents allow you to plan your future, more easily obtain outside investments, and adapt to the ever-changing environment.

Customized Management Solutions:  The problems within each organization are unique.  The conditions under which these problems present themselves often require an objective third-party analysis.  Therefore, we offer our clients a personalized analysis and solution based on a comprehensive and proven methodology. nVentia Ventures LLC provides tailored solutions to management problems ranging from competitive and organizational to operational and financial.  All of our Customized Management Solutions consist of the following elements:

    • Working with the client team to fully understand the nature of the problem.
    • Conducting a thorough analysis of the situation.
    • Gaining buy-in from the client at each critical step in developing the solution.
    • Keeping the client informed of our progress throughout the entire process.
    • Assisting with the successful implementation of our proposed solution.

Marketing Plan Development: In today’s competitive environment, we help you devise strategies that insure a consistent approach to offering your product or service in a way that will outsell the competition. We work closely with you to formulate strategies for new product launches, new service offerings, and expansions into new markets. Sound marketing plans with detailed analysis and customized solutions are crafted based on concrete research (such as interviewing and meetings with end-users, potential customers, potential investors, and other potential partners or stakeholders).  

Legal Coordination: Start-up businesses can be legal minefields. If you do not have legal representation, we will assist you in obtaining advice from top attorneys in various legal specialties (corporate law, immigration, contracts, business law, international law, products liability and taxation).

Other Services: We assist you with other startup business needs such as the following:

    • Board of Directors/Advisory Board Assistance:  Assist in finding individuals qualified in specific industries to serve on your Board of Directors.
    • Negotiation Support: We fill the gaps in your negotiation needs and skills.
    • Website Development Referrals:  Recommendations are provided for the creation and design of distinctive and optimized websites.