International  Business  Acceleration

You have a successful high-tech company and you're looking to improve your market share by establishing a presence in the United States. You are probably worried about the costs, necessary resources, and other challenges that you might face during the transition. nVentia Ventures will provide professional services you need to successfully establish your base in the U.S. market. We believe that technology will continue to drive our national and global economies and look forward to partnering with our clients to create the products and services that will help build great companies. We differentiate ourselves from others by having greater depth in our understanding of our clients’ technologies, industry environment, and business needs.

We have the network, the expertise, the affordability, and the flexibility to get you started successfully in the high-tech U.S. market.  Solutions are provided which will allow foreign-based companies to respond quickly and effectively to the particular challenges of their business.

U.S. Market Research: nVentia Ventures ’ marketing specialists conduct market research relative to the technology of each company. Through interviews and meetings with technology end-users, potential investors, or other potential partners or stakeholders, the team formulates strategies for expansion and market entry options.

Coaching & Mentoring: Our team works daily to advance the acceleration plans of emerging companies—identifying U.S. customers or potential partners, providing information on market potential, coaching company representatives on strategy, and arranging meetings and preparing company representatives for the overall sales process and contract negotiations.

U.S. Localization: Each year, nVentia Ventures work with companies from various countries to inform businesses on the process for entering the U.S. market, expanding their operations, and identifying the businesses that are ready for physical relocation into the U.S.