Innovation Services

Idea Submission Form for Inventors

If you have an idea you would like to submit for assessment, please fill out our online form. You may also send us drawings, illustrations, and any other material or information that is relevant and related to the idea.


  • How do I protect my idea?
  • I have a patent…now what?
  • How do I get a prototype made?
  • How do I get distributors and retailers interested?
  • Can I generate revenue from this invention? If so, how much?
  • How can I share this new invention with the world?

The ultimate commercialization goal of nVentia Ventures is to work in partnership with our clients in industry, research institutions, academia, and government to develop, refine, demonstrate, and commercialize marketable technologies that provide practical solutions to real-world problems. Commercialization of innovative technologies is integral to the creation of new wealth, economic prosperity, and high-quality jobs.


Commercialization Process

Technology Review: A preliminary determination of feasibility of the technology utilizing the latest industry research and our vast network of public, private, and academic experts.

Technology Assessment: An evaluation of the technology consisting of the relevant intellectual property, market research (including but not limited to the size of the market and markets to access), benefits of the technology, competitive analysis, potential opportunities, and other relevant information.

Technology Roadmap: A summary of the commercialization activities that need to be addressed including market validation, business modeling, capital planning, management needs, and business structure.

Commercialization Attainment: After successful commercial potential is determined, our experts will work with the innovator to transfer the technology to the private market. There are generally two paths that are taken:

  • Licensing
    Licensing is the easiest path to commercialization and profit: you give a company the right to make and sell your invention in return for payment as an ongoing percentage of sales, a “royalty”, or it can be a one-time payment, a “buyout”.
  • New Business
    In certain situations, it is most advantageous for the inventor to start a new company to develop the technology.  The expertise of the nVentia Ventures ’ Venture Development Team will assist with successfully launching this new business.